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Other PSI Catalogs
Digital Products Brochure – lit-digital-products PSI’s line of products for digital / free-form lens processing
PSI Equipment Brochure – lit-psi-equipment
PSI’s equipment for surfacing labs Going Green Brochure – lit-going-green How PSI can help your lab go green

AR Consumables
AR Consumables – lit-psi-ar-consumables overview of AR consumables and supplies offered by
PSI SH-HT Oleophobic – lit-sh-ht-oleophobic
HT-100 Hydrophobic – lit-ht-100
SV-10, Chromium – lit-SV-10
SV-55 – lit-sv-55
Crystals – lit-ar-crystals

Equipment (Finishing & Surfacing)
Finishing Equipment – lit-finishing-equipment overview of equipment for the finishing department
Arc Lamp – Lens Inspection Sys. lens inspection system
Automatic Surface Tape Applicator (ASTA) & Handling System – lit-ASTA taped lenses with the press of a button
Block Center Press – lit-386 removes and replaces Gerber block centers
Central Slurry System, 911 – lit-911 5 gallon capacity
Central Slurry System, 913 – lit-913 11 gallon capacity
Central Slurry System, 915 – lit-915 23 gallon capacity for digital surfacing machines
Chillers- lit-psi-chillers space saving, light weight
Hand Edger – lit-hem300 heavy duty, high volume edger(part #HEM300)
Pad Press, Air – lit-380 consistently secures pads in only 15 seconds
Recycling and Filtration System – lit-952A two tank system for coolant or fining water
Coolant Recycling and Filtration System – lit-952 one tank system for coolant or fining water
Fining Water Recycling and Filtration System – lit-993-2T system for fining water
Surface Tape Dispenser – lit-390A dispenses surface tape

Waste Management System
Pan Handler – lit-860 waste management system
LRS – lit-lead-removal-system
LGEN-PAL Manual – lit-ft-lgen-pal-m manual waste management system
LGEN-PAL – lit-ft-lgen-pal semi automatic waste management system
LGEN-PAL Automatic – lit-ft-lgen-pal-a fully automatic waste management system

Surfacing Supplies
Digi-Laps – lit-digi-laps
Digi-Lap Polishing Tools for Swift and CCP digital polishers Digi-Laps (Digi-Flex) – lit_digi-iflex
Digi-Lap Polishing Tools for i-Flex and Auto Flex digital polishers Lens Surface Tape – lit-lens-tape
LenSaver tape for alloy and wax blocking (224 KB)
Disposa-Blocks – lit-disposablocks generator blocks (116 KB)
Pin Holders – lit-pin-holders for cylinder machines (128 KB)
Advanced Reception Chucks & Advanced Rolling Spindle Membranes –lit-recept-chucks for cylinder machines

Fining & Polishing Pads and Polish
Transformer All Materials One-Step Fining Pad for plastic lenses – lit-transformer-fining-pad
Easy Lift Pads & Polish – lit-easy-lift-pads guide to PSI’s Easy Lift Pad System for base pads and polish
Fining & Polishing Pads and Polish – lit-fining-pads guide to PSI fining and polish pads and plastic lens polish
Glass Processing Pads & Emory- lit-glass-pads-polish

Finishing Supplies
Sure-Lock Hydrophobic Gripping Discs – lit-sure-lock anti-slip discs for edging hydrophobic lenses
Backside Lens Cushions – lit-lens-cushions cushions for backside of lenses to reduce crazing
Blocking Pads –lit-blocking-pads-blocks easy to use visual guide for selecting the right blocking pad and blocks
LenSaver Dots – lit-lens-dots prevent slippage and protect the lens while edging
The BETTER Drill Bit – lit-better-bit lasts up to 5Xs longer than conventional bits

Surfacing Chemicals – lit-surfacing-chemicals guide to coolants and other surfacing chemicals
Finishing Chemicals – lit-finishing-chemicals guide to tinting and cleaning solutions for the finishing lab

Gloves, Nitrile lit-gloves
Reusable Cloth Edger Bag lit-reusable_bags_filters

PSI’s Credit Application  lit-credit-app
Product Order Form –  lit-order-form for placing orders by fax