Alloy 19

Alloy 19 is cadmium and lead free and is used for blocking glass or plastic lens materials.  It comes in a 2 lb rectangular bar. The melting point is 140°F (60°C). 19 is sold at market price which fluctuates. Please contact PSI directly by calling 800-237-8154 or eemail us to get current pricing or to place an order.


Alloy 19

Features & Benefits

  • Made from premium grade materials, 19 offers consistent quality and dependable performance.
  • Labs can reuse PSI’s alloys.
  • PSI’s Alloy 19 is cadmium & lead free offering a preventative solution to exposure and environmental issues.
  • This alloy is molded into 2 lb. rectangular bars.
  • Is used for glass or plastic lens processing
  • The melting point is 140°F (60° C).
  • The recommended tip & pot temperatures are 143-145°F (61.7 -62.8°C).
  • This is a special order product and is sold at market price. Contact PSI at 800-237-8154 to get current pricing and to place an order.

Part #:  19

Also available: Alloy 117, Alloy 136 & Alloy 158


More Information:

SDS Sheet:  sds-alloy

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs

1 lb., 8 lbs.