Disposa-Blocks, 43mm lens surfacing blocks


43mm, disposable lens surfacing blocks for use with alloy blocking.  For all lens types and  2-10 diopter curves. Available in standard 8-base and 8-base for Optek machines.  Sold individually

Part #s: 3128, 3128OP



  • Disposable blocks save time and money with no centers to replace and no crevices to collect dirt and alloy while processing lenses
  • Will last in excess of 6 months
  • Totally hardened throughout, eliminating nicks and dents on the chucking surface
  • Pin centers are alway the same depth and dimensions are accurate to +/-.001″
  • Prominent axis line and centering cross eliminate misalignment and substantially reduce optical lens rejects
  • Can be used on all lens types and on 2-10 diopter curves
  • Sold individually

Part #s:  3128, 3128OP

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8 base, 8 base for Optek