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ODC-1 reusable filter bags for dry generators, edgers and shop vacs are easy on the environment, reduce costs and eliminate wet paper bag failure when using water mist features. Order

Save on PractiCool, PSI’s fully synthetic, water based coolant designed specifically for the optical industry. Order

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Additional information on surfacing and finishing lenses.

  • New & Used Parts & Equipment For Sale

    PSI is closing its Lap Department.  We have the following items for sale. Please call us at 800-237-8154 to make an offer. PSI Model 993 Filtration System – $500 (above) 1801 Set of Templates in tenths increments – $250 1801 Set of templates in 8th increments – $250 Essilor Digital SagGauge w/Ruby Tips – $500 […]

  • NEW Oleo-Gold Blocking Pads

    Go for the gold when edging hydrophobic and oleophobic lenses with PSI’s new Oleo-Gold Blocking Pads. Made of a specially engineered hybrid adhesive that prevents slippage. It offers a strong, high-density foam carrier with torque resistance making it the preferred choice when edging expensive coated lenses. The special adhesive on the gold tabbed side is […]

  • New LGEN-PAL System, first-ever spent polish and alloy water treatment system.

            PSI (Practical Systems, Inc.), an independently owned U.S. manufacturer and distributor of quality optical lab supplies and equipment, will market and sell the LGEN-PAL system. With three models; fully-automatic, semi-automatic, and manual, the LGEN-PAL is designed for all lens generating labs to easily treat spent polish and alloy wastewater all in […]

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  • cardant for digital lens polishers


    Cardant for Schneider CCP102 & 103 and Swift digital lens polishers. Quality replacement part. 10 per package

     Short and tall bellows and Ball Head Assembly also available.

    Part #SCH-CARD

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  • pH Pre-Treat for Cad-Con 1000

    pH Pre-Treat

    Is a pre treatment used in alloy reclaim tank wastewater when vinegar or other acidic product is used to clean alloy before Cad-Con 1000™ is used. pH Pre-Treat will improve the effectiveness of Cad-Con 1000™ when treating for lead and cadmium.

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  • Sale!

    Tool Spindle, Complete Assembly

    Complete Tool Spindle Assembly for lens fining/polishing machines. Has a slight ding that will not effect performance.  Sold AS IS.  Only one available.

    Part #: *Parts150-40-0010.

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