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NEW – Photochromic Lens Activator

Check out this easy to way to check if lenses are photochromic or not with out going outside. Simply place the lenses on the light table, shut the lid and press the button for the 15 second timer. Try one today with our Pre-Vision Expo Show Special Price of $95.00, a $25 savings.  More

NEW Slide PupilometerSlide Pupliometer

PSI now sells a compact, lightweight slide pupilometer. Its easy to read digital display makes viewing both monocular and binocular readings simultaneously a snap. Automatically shuts off when not in use. On special for $350 until October 31, 2017. More

Trade in your used ASTA taper for credit on a new machine or you can trade up to a different model. Whether you have a carbide cuter ASTA or hot knife ASTA for tabletop use or as part of our handling system, see about trading it in for a newer model or a different one to expand your capabilities. Contact PSI at 800-237-8154 to see how to Trade In or Trade Up.   More…

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AR Consumables

You can now order AR consumables on-line here on our website. PSI offers quantity discounts so contact our AR Specialist, Todd Nachbar for a quote.  He can also provide a free evaluation and initial run of DON COMPANY AR consumables in your lab. 99% pure, these AR Consumables are manufactured to exact specifications for granular and pill sizing to maintain a consistent hardness and offer stable disposition on the lens. Learn more about the DON COMPANY  Here















Tech Notes & Information

Additional information on surfacing and finishing lenses.

  • DON COMPANY AR Consumables Video

    PSI distributes AR consumables from The DON Company, one of the largest manufacturers of coatings in Asia.  Their products are 99.9% pure, maintain a consistent hardness and are manufactured to exacting specifications to provide a stable disposition. Custom granular and pill sizing is available to meet customer specific needs. PSI also offers high quality ION and EB […]

  • AR Consumables from PSI

    PSI is happy to announce that we offer high quality AR consumables from The DON COMPANY in South Korea.The DON COMPANY and its products have an outstanding reputation in the US and around the world. Prior to PSI’s distributorship in North and South America, labs purchasing directly from DON would have to order large quantities far in advance. With our […]

  • Product Update

    PSI is changing the base color of our gray Digi-Laps to black. This change does not affect the performance of the product in anyway, it is simply a color change to the base. Below are the part numbers that are affected.   In the future you should use the new part number when ordering your […]

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  • cardant for digital lens polishers


    Cardant for Schneider CCP102 & 103 and Swift digital lens polishers. Quality replacement part. 10 per package

     Short and tall bellows and Ball Head Assembly also available.

    Part #SCH-CARD

    $69.95 Add to cart
  • pH Pre-Treat for Cad-Con 1000

    pH Pre-Treat

    Is a pre treatment used in alloy reclaim tank wastewater when vinegar or other acidic product is used to clean alloy before Cad-Con 1000™ is used. pH Pre-Treat will improve the effectiveness of Cad-Con 1000™ when treating for lead and cadmium.

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  • Sale!

    Tool Spindle, Complete Assembly

    Complete Tool Spindle Assembly for lens fining/polishing machines. Has a slight ding that will not effect performance.  Sold AS IS.  Only one available.

    Part #: *Parts150-40-0010.

    $1,540.00 $1,309.00 Add to cart