AR ConsumablesPSI is happy to announce that we offer high quality AR consumables from The DON COMPANY in South Korea.The DON COMPANY and its products have an outstanding reputation in the US and around the world. Prior to PSI’s distributorship in North and South America, labs purchasing directly from DON would have to order large quantities far in advance. With our Florida warehouse, you can now buy the quantities you need at an affordable price with quick turnaround times.

99.99% pure, all DON COMPANY products are manufactured to exacting specifications for granular sizing to maintain a consistent hardness and offer stable disposition on the lens. PSI can provide custom granular and pill sizing to meet your specific needs. DON COMPANY AR products are compatible with all vacuum coaters. In addition to AR chemicals, PSI offers high quality Ion and EB gun filaments and monitoring crystals for trouble-free process control.

As with all PSI products, you can be assured you will receive the technical assistance you need. Todd Nachbar, PSI’s AR Specialist is available to help make a smooth transition to our products. For more information, contact Todd directly at 727-247-8694 or or contact Karen Gillen in PSI’s home office at 800-237-8154 or

Thank you for Looking To PSI for all your AR Consumable needs!

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