As the Equipment and Technical Specialist for PSI, it has come to my attention that many owners of  Automatic Surface Tape Applicator (ASTA) with carbide cutters or an ASTA Handling System with carbide cutters are not changing their inline vacuum filters as often as they should. This results in down time and expensive repairs.

Over the past 12 years, I have done many repairs, at an average cost of $2,000, which could have been avoided if individuals had changed their filters more frequently. The manufacturer of the taper recommends that these filters should be change at least once a month because they protect all the pneumatic parts on the machine.

There are two vacuum filters located in the drawer behind each cylinder. Following the above recommendation means you will need two filters per month.  Here is a video showing you have quick and easy it is to replace the filters.

Please take my advice and take advantage of this offer by ordering on-line at (type V2A-358 in the search box to quickly locate) or call PSI Customer Service to place your order at 800-237-8154. You could be saving your company thousands of dollars in repairs and the unknown cost of having the machine out of service.

Best regards,


Jeff Rich
Technical Support & New Product Development