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Here is additional technical information on surfacing and finishing lenses.

New & Used Parts & Equipment For Sale

PSI is closing its Lap Department.  We have the following items for sale. Please call us at 800-237-8154 to make an offer. PSI Model 993 Filtration System – $500 (above) V75 Cutter Head w/o carbide inserts  – NEW $500 (above) V75 Miscellaneous parts, air valve, emergency stop switch, etc. V75 Set of Calibration Tools – […]

NEW Oleo-Gold Blocking Pads

Go for the gold when edging hydrophobic and oleophobic lenses with PSI’s new Oleo-Gold Blocking Pads. Made of a specially engineered hybrid adhesive that prevents slippage. It offers a strong, high-density foam carrier with torque resistance making it the preferred choice when edging expensive coated lenses. The special adhesive on the gold tabbed side is […]

New LGEN-PAL System, first-ever spent polish and alloy water treatment system.

        PSI (Practical Systems, Inc.), an independently owned U.S. manufacturer and distributor of quality optical lab supplies and equipment, will market and sell the LGEN-PAL system. With three models; fully-automatic, semi-automatic, and manual, the LGEN-PAL is designed for all lens generating labs to easily treat spent polish and alloy wastewater all in […]

New & Improved Cad-Con 1000

Cad-Con 1000, used to treat alloy wastewater for safe disposal, has been reformulated. New higher-grade, less dense chemicals are now being used, giving Cad-Con a powder like texture. This new and improved formula mixes with wastewater better, so that it only needs to be thoroughly blended once. The new chemicals aid gravity to completely separate […]

New Blocking Pad Shapes!

PSI is pleased to announce new configurations of their PSI Red and PSI Blue Blocking Pad lines. PSI Red Blocking pads are now available in four new configurations, 19 x 32mm oval with center hole, 17 x 36 oval with end tabs, 22 x 25mm round with center hole and 14 x 21mm oval with […]

FREE Lens Marking Pen

Thank you for Looking To PSI for your lab supplies. As a thank you for visiting our site and taking a look around, we would like to send you a FREE Lens Marking Pen. No purchase necessary. Fill out the form below and select your preference of a black or red pen.   You will […]

DON COMPANY AR Consumables Video

PSI distributes AR consumables from The DON Company, one of the largest manufacturers of coatings in Asia.  Their products are 99.9% pure, maintain a consistent hardness and are manufactured to exacting specifications to provide a stable disposition. Custom granular and pill sizing is available to meet customer specific needs. PSI also offers high quality ION and EB […]

AR Consumables from PSI

PSI is happy to announce that we offer high quality AR consumables from The DON COMPANY in South Korea.The DON COMPANY and its products have an outstanding reputation in the US and around the world. Prior to PSI’s distributorship in North and South America, labs purchasing directly from DON would have to order large quantities far in advance. With our […]

Product Update

PSI is changing the base color of our gray Digi-Laps to black. This change does not affect the performance of the product in anyway, it is simply a color change to the base. Below are the part numbers that are affected.   In the future you should use the new part number when ordering your […]

Understanding How Cad-Con Works

  Question: “I wanted to ask you if you could help us understand what Cad-Con 1000™ does to the alloy tank water? Could you please explain technically how the Cad-Con neutralizes the active metals left in the water and how best to determine if the water has been treated so that we can be certain it’s ok […]