Over 40 years and still working!

Today there are all kinds of electronic apps, emails and web reminders to send to customers to get them to return to your shop for a re-check or a new set of frames. Sometimes the simplest, old fashion thing can be just as effective, like private label lens cleaner.

Ad from February 1988 DoubleDay Times

History of PSI’s Simply Clean Lens Cleaner
In the late 1970’s PSI’s founder, William Hernandez came out with Simply Clean and Double Day Lens Cleaners. He private labeled the cleaner and sold it in boxes of 50 with a plastic silver chalice. Labs would distribute them to the optical shops in their area where the lens cleaner would be placed in the silver chalices on the dispensing tables. Opticians gave a bottle away with each new pair of glasses and about six months later the customers would stop by to get more, giving employees the ideal opportunity schedule a checkup or adjust their glasses.

Marketing With Lens Cleaner Today
Many optical’s today still give away free lens cleaner with every frame. Not just to help draw customer’s back but to ensure the eyewear is properly taken care of. Customers appreciate having a lens cleaner approved by their optical shop and will want more in the future. PSI over 40 years later, still actively sells and private labels Simply Clean Lens Cleaner for doctors and optical shops. Try a 2 oz. sample of Simply Clean by ordering it on our website and using Coupon Code: LENSCLEANER.