MEI Edger Tools offer extended life, stop breakage.

MEI Edger Tools, extended lifePSI, exclusive distributor for Diateq Labs, announces their newly redesigned line of MEI edger tools. Combo, roughing and drilling tools  are now made with stronger materials that significantly extend the life of the tools.

Combo Tools

PSI’s combo tools are now made of metal alloy making them much stronger. This unique combination of metals reduces vibration extending the life of the tool up to 3 times as well as improving the lens edge finish. A program is available for PCD combo tools allowing them to be re-sharpened 3 to 5 times.

Roughing Tools

The newly redesigned roughing tools are made with a high performance, diamond coated carbide that keeps the edges of the tool sharper. The sharper edges reduce the cutting force preventing the tool from breaking.

Drill Bits

Drill bits have also been redesigned to handle increased side loads. This alleviates clogging from polycarbonate swarf, so the bit doesn’t break.

When Diateq’s tools and their tool holders are purchased together, they are dynamically balanced at the factory as a complete unit to reduce vibration for better edge finish and longer tool life. PSI is the exclusive distributor for Diateq Labs high quality line of cutters, diamonds and edger tools for the Optical Industry.

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