Cad-Con 1000

Cad-Con 1000, used to treat alloy wastewater for safe disposal, has been reformulated. New higher-grade, less dense chemicals are now being used, giving Cad-Con a powder like texture. This new and improved formula mixes with wastewater better, so that it only needs to be thoroughly blended once. The new chemicals aid gravity to completely separate the treated wastewater from the sediment leaving a very clear effluent and a distinct sediment layer in the bottom of the tank or bucket. This sediment layer remains intact when pouring off the effluent for discharge, eliminating the need to absorb residual water in paper or other absorbents before sediment disposal. The sediment that is left is a wet paste that can be scraped out and accumulated in a dedicated “scrap” container for eventual recovery of the metals.

To obtain a notable step toward sustainability in lab operations, accumulate the wet paste and arrange for it to be recovered along with alloy dross and skimmings, so zero discharge of alloy metals will be achieved. Since the sediment is not waste, but scrap for metals recovery, there is no possibility of generating a regulated waste.

Cad-Con 1000 is an economical way to treat alloy tank wastewater for non-hazardous disposal. It separates lead and cadmium from the wastewater and settles it so the water can be poured down the drain. It encapsulates cadmium and lead particles making them inactive for safe metals recovery. For more information contact PSI at 800-237-8154 or 727-376-7900.

Cad-Con 1000 Instruction Sheet:  inst-cadcon