New LGEN-PAL System, first-ever spent polish and alloy water treatment system.

Lgen-Pal polish and alloy water treatment system

Filtertech recently partnered with PSI (Practical Systems, Inc.), an independently owned U.S. manufacturer and distributor of quality optical lab supplies and equipment, to market and sell the LGEN-PAL system.

With three models; fully-automatic, semi-automatic, and manual, the LGEN-PAL is designed for all lens generating labs to easily treat spent polish and alloy wastewater all in one system. The LGEN-PAL reclaims clean water from both alloy water and spent polish at the same time. The treatment allows thick, dry waste to be thrown away as a solid waste and clean water to be safely put down the drain.

With the possibility of fines being imposed as high as $50,000 for improper disposal, optical labs need to safely treat their alloy and spent polish water. With the creation of this new, easy-to-use system, Filtertech meets the demands of high-efficiency lens generation by safely removing waste. “With today’s growing concerns of environmental impact, Filtertech is proud of our latest system that will help the optical industry stay green while significantly reducing the high costs of using outside sources for spent polish and alloy water removal,” said Jamal El-Hindi, System Developer.

Download literature sheet:  lit-lgen-pal

About PSI

Practical Systems, Inc. (PSI) is an independently owned U.S. manufacturer and distributor of quality optical lab supplies and equipment for wholesale and retail laboratories worldwide. PSI is located in Odessa, Florida, and serves both domestic and international markets with three strategically located shipping warehouses (Odessa, FL, Altoona, PA, and Ontario, CA). For more information about PSI, visit


About Filtertech, Inc.

Filtertech is an international producer of liquid filtration and waste disposal systems for industrial coolant applications including wire drawing, aluminum and steel rolling, machining, grinding, process water applications such as CV water, caster water, vibratory applications and optical lens generating. To learn more about Filtertech’s systems and applications solutions, visit or email

Other filtration equipment that Filtertech manufacturers specifically for the lens generation industry, include: the LGEN-P, a high efficiency coolant filter with single discharge point of heavy and fine solids; the LGEN-BR, a high efficiency swarf briquetter with 20:1 reduction; the LGEN-V, for high efficiency coolant filtration using vacuum; the LGEN-DS1, for pumping dirty coolant to a centralized filter system; and the LGEN-CFS, that automatically mixes your water and coolant to any percentage and doses with defoamer to keep the system running effectively and autonomously.