Automatic Lens Taper – Tabletop ASTA

Automatic lens taper (ASTA) tapes up to 300 lenses an hour. Available with carbide cutter blades or hot knife. Can be purchased for use in the ASTA Handling System at a later date.

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Part #s:
V2A-03F – tabletop, carbide blades
V2H-03 – tabletop, carbide blades, handling system ready

V2A-05LS – tabletop, hot knife
V2H-05LS – tabletop, hot knife, handling system ready


Automatic Lens Taper – Tabletop ASTA
Part #: V2A-03 (Carbide Cutters) or V2A-05LS (Hot Knife)


PSI’s automatic lens taper, known as ASTAs, are the most popular automatic lens tapers on the market. These units lower costs, increase productivity, reduce spoilage and increase profits. The tabletop ASTA can out produce two operators using conventional tape machines and hot knives by taping three hundred pair of lenses an hour. Reduces carpel tunnel syndrome in the lab. They are available with carbide cutter blades or hot knife cutting technology. They can be purchased as a tabletop unit or ready to be used in the ASTA Handling System at a later date.

Contact PSI at 727-376-7900 or 800-237-8154 for more information or to place an order.

Features & Benefits

  • The automatic lens taper can tape up to 300 pair of lenses per hour. The 12 second load and unload cycle increases throughput reducing labor costs.
  • Decreases repetitive motion injuries as well as injuries caused by knives and razor blades.
  • A photoelectric sensor automatically positions tape correctly over the lens and eliminates the need for manual calibration.
  • Manual feed button offers easy tape loading.
  • The automatic lens taper can tape both lenses at the same time or just a single single right or left lens for flexibility.
  • Works with both liner and linerless tapes.



carbide cutter for automatic lens taperCarbide Cutter ASTA (V2A-03F or V2H-03, system ready)


hot knife automatic lens taperHot Knife ASTA(V2A-05LS or V2H-05LS, system ready)

  • Reduces blade replacements
  • Produces less debris and mess and requires less maintenance
  • Designed to accommodate the gates on polycarbonate lenses so it can automatically adjust to different lens diameters, reducing tape waste.
  • Set-Up, Operating & Maintenance Instructions inst-hot-knife-inst
  • Tape Installation Instructions inst-hot-knife-tape
  • Parts List inst-hot-knife-parts



Dimensions: 33.5″L x 18″W x 15.5″H
Air Pressure: 87 psi
Working Pressure: 72-87-psi
Lens Type: Plastic or Glass
Tape: Any liner or linerless tape
Electrical: Alternating current 110-240V, 50-60Hz

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Blade Type

Hot Knife, Carbide Cutter

Model Type

Stand Alone, System Ready