Central Slurry System (915) – 23 Gallon

The 915 is a 23-gallon capacity Central Slurry System designed for digital lens processing.  Can manage the polish slurry to up to 4 digital polishers while maintaining the correct pressure.

This item can not be ordered online, please call PSI at 800-237-8154 or 727-376-7900 or email myorder@LookToPSI.com

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Part #915


Part # 915 (23 gallon)


PSI’s 915 Central Slurry System has been designed to consolidate slurry for digital processing. This machine reduces the number of chillers and slurry tanks needed for digital processing in half. It is designed with two pumps and two filter systems to handle high volumes of polish while maintaining the optimum OEM specified pressures. When hooked to a PSI 985 chiller, it can maintain polish at the optimum temperature for high surface quality. Chillers are also available but are sold separately (see chillers) to offer you the flexibility to meet current and projected needs.


This item can not be ordered online.  Contact PSI at 727-376-7900 or 800-237-8154 for more information or to place an order.


Features & Benefits

  • Tank capacity of 23 gallons.
  • Drain valve and cooling coil quick disconnects facilitate emptying and cleaning of the unit.
  • Includes two, 300 micron filtration system to remove contaminants from polishing compound, extending polish life.
  • Easy to read temperature gauge for monitoring slurry.
  • Cone shaped reservoir and polish bypass with agitator keeps polish constantly mixed allowing for tighter control of Baumé and temperature.
  • Durable stainless steel slurry tank is insulated keeping slurry cooler without transmitting chill to floor and ambient air.



  • 44″W x 44″D x 31″ H (overall height with pumps)
  • Housing: Stainless Steel
  • Filter Bag Dimensions: 4″ diameter, 12″ deep
  • Tank:  Insulated, 23 gallon
  • Filter:  Top-load filter system
  • Pump: Two pumps; 3/4 hp
  • Electrical:  115 V, 9 amp start up / 4.5 amp running, single phase
  • 300 lbs.


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Weight 460 lbs

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