Digi-Lap polishing tools, orange top-hat, black base (DL-SCH-BKT)


Digi-Lap, Omax, orange top, lens polishing tool for free-form / digital lens processing. For all plastic lens materials.  Pkg. Qty:  10
Base Color:  Black
Top:  orange, top-hat
Curve:  600
Part #: DL-SCH-BKT (replaces DL-SCH-GT)

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DL-SCH-BKT with a black base replaces DL-SCH-GT with a gray base.

We are changing the base color of our gray Digi-Laps to black. This change does not affect the performance of the product in anyway, it is simply a color change to the base.


The Digi-Lap Series of polishing tools, are a soft lap for free-form / digital polishing of optical lenses. Digi-Laps are flexible, durable, high performance tools that offer extended life.

Digi-Omax, are a first step all materials lens polishing tool for CCP Swift and CCP102 & CCP103 machines.  They are available in red, blue and gray base.  Also available are Digi-BMax, second step polycarbonate and trivex lens polishing tool for the CCP machines.


Digi-Omax Features:

  • Designed for maximum output per tool, production proven to last 9,000-12,000 seconds with optimum results
  • More accurate, improved mapping quality
  • Smoother peak to valley surface quality
  • Greater stock removal
  • Excellent resistance to sharp edge lenses
  • Sturdy polyurethane withstands breakdown from polish

Part #: DL-SCH-BKT (black base, orange, top-hat)


More Information:

Literature:  lit-digital-products & lit-digi-max


Additional information

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 5.0 × 1.0 in