A fully synthetic, water based coolant designed specifically for the optical industry.



Features & Benefits

  • Contains a special polymeric additive to provide rapid swarf settling
  • Includes a rust inhibitor package for superior corrosion protection for all machine surfaces
  • Forms a clean, clear, stable solution in all types of water and leaves a soft, oily residue that is not stiff, tacky, hard or crystalline
  • Non-foaming, non-toxic, non-irritating, pleasant smelling and biodegradable


Part #s:  1600G, 1600P


More Information:

Literature:  lit-surfacing-chemicals

MSDS Sheet:  sds-practicool


Coolant Tips:

  • Coolant can be a different color from one batch to the next. This change in color does not affect its performance in any way.
  • Too much coolant can cause foaming. Try diluting your coolant with a little more water. If the problem persists, try switching to a different coolant. Don’t use antifoam in your coolant because all coolants contain some form of antifoam. Not all antifoams are compatible and adding antifoam to the coolant may make your problem even worse.
  • Swarf in coolant can make the coolant act as an abrasive. Keep your coolant swarf free by using a filtration system such as PSI’s 993-2T or 952. Filtering the coolant will not only extend its life but will also extend the wheel’s life and give you a better finish.
  • Chilling your coolant will help your wheel cut faster and smoother and will help extend the life of the coolant. It is recommended that the coolant be chilled to 60°F for edging and between 60-65°F when generating.

Additional information

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5-Gallons, Gallon