SecurEdge Plus, 36 x 17mm Oval, Tabbed (4814)


36mm x 17mm

Solid (no center hole)

1,000 per roll



Features & Benefits

  • Will stick to super hydrophobic lenses without a tape or lens dot
  • Dual adhesive System: one side has a unique adhesive that will stick to slick lenses and the other side is designed to adhere to the block
  • Has a soft foam surface which conforms to any curve while protecting the lens
  • Not recommended for uncoated lenses
  • Tabbed for easy removal
  • 1,000 pads per roll
  • Available in a variety of configurations


Part #s:  4805, 4805SD, 4807, 4811, 4808, 4812SD, 4809, 4813, 4814




More Information:

Literature:  lit-blocking-pads-blocks

Instruction Sheet:  inst-securedge-plus


Additional information

Weight .95 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 × 5.5 × 3 in