Transformer, 1-step (White-7CSF)

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Transformer lens fining pad, one-step, 7-Petal, 3″, for use on bare tools.  Pad is for fining all plastic lens materials, plastic (1.498), mid-index (1.50-1.594), high index (1.594+), polycarbonate (1.586) and Trivex (1.53) lenses.   Also available in Easy Lift high tack adhesive for use on base pads.  7-petal EL2 and 16-petal EL2 configurations available

Part #: White-7CSF


Features & Benefits:

  • Unique pad composition allows it to transform as it fines from course to a smooth leaving a superb surface fin-ish on all lens
  • Consistent high stock removal rates for polycarbonate, trivex and all plastic lens materials
  • Cloth backing helps the pad to conform to the tool and is easy to remove
  • One-Step fining pads for all materials, plastic (1.498), mid-index (1.50-1.594), high index (1.594+), polycarbonate (1.586) & Trivex (1.53)
  • Easy lift fining pads are designed to adhere to base pads so they lift up easily with your fingers
  • Pads are 3″ tabbed, 250 per roll
  • Available in Easy Lift version for use with base pads 7-petal and 16-petal configurations available.

Part #: WHITE-7CSF

More Information:

Literature:  lit-transformer-fining-pad

Additional information

Weight 1.24 lbs
Dimensions 5.25 × 5.25 × 3.25 in

Red Revolution, Green, Brown, 11µ Purple Stripe, 15µ Orange Stripe


7-petal, tabbed, 16-petal round