New Oleo-Gold Blocking Pads

Go for the gold when edging hydrophobic and oleophobic lenses with PSI’s new Oleo-Gold Blocking Pads. Made of a specially engineered hybrid adhesive that prevents slippage. Get Samples or Order


A new durable, cost effective Stacker/Destacker for in-line optical laboratory automation and logistics. Designed with customer safety in mind, it provides long service life and handles a variety of job tray types at any stage in the lens fabrication process  More

Reduce Nuisance Alarms!

Quality gold and alloy crystals from PSI reduce nuisance alarms and provide consistent crystal readings! Save $10 by ordering online use COUPON CODE: CRYSTALS  More

First Ever Spent Polish & Alloy Water Treatment System

FT-LGEN-PAL SEMI-AUTOMATICFiltertech recently partnered with PSI to market and sell their new LGEN-Pal System. It is designed to easily treat spent polish and alloy wastewater all in one system. The treatment allows thick, dry waste to be thrown away as a solid and clean water to be put safely down the drain.   Learn more