Parts and Equipment For Sale

PSI has closed their lap department and selling various V75 parts as well as other equipment. More

New Oleo-Gold Blocking Pads

Go for the gold when edging hydrophobic and oleophobic lenses with PSI’s new Oleo-Gold Blocking Pads. Made of a specially engineered hybrid adhesive that prevents slippage. Get Samples or Order


A new durable, cost effective Stacker/Destacker for in-line optical laboratory automation and logistics. Designed with customer safety in mind, it provides long service life and handles a variety of job tray types at any stage in the lens fabrication process  More


First Ever Spent Polish & Alloy Water Treatment System

FT-LGEN-PAL SEMI-AUTOMATICThe new LGEN-Pal System is designed to easily treat spent polish and alloy wastewater all in one system. The treatment allows thick, dry waste to be thrown away as a solid and clean water to be put safely down the drain.   Learn more