Digital Lens Surfacing Supplies


PSI now has a complete line of digital lens surfacing supplies.  Our line includes Digi-Lap digital polishing tools as well as high quality polish that can be used in both digital and conventional lens processing.  PSI offers a complete line of quality lens milling disks, diamonds and cutting tools to be used on digital lens surfacing machines.  PSI’s 913 slurry system and a PSI chiller are the perfect way to keep control over plastic lens polish flow, temperature and baumé in the digital lens process.  A complete line of coolants are production proven for use on digital lines.

PSI was established on the long tradition of providing new and “Practical Systems” to optical labs over 40 years ago.  We continued that tradition with our digital lens surfacing supplies.

Contact PSI at 727-376-7900 or 800-237-8154 for more information on our digital lens surfacing supplies or you can place an order on line or by phone.  Our technical representatives will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Digi-Laps™ Lens Polishing Tools

Digi-Flex I/A

digi-iflexfor Iflex & AutoFlex

Digi-Omax & BMax

digi-maxfor CCP Swift, 102 & 103

Plastic Lens Polish

Free Form AR

3340G3340G & 3340P

Americal Plus

33203320G & 3320P

Lens Job Trays

Digital Job Trays

digital_job_traysDigital Job Trays

Lens Milling Discs & Diamonds

Diamond Cutters

diamond-cutters2mm for VFT & CCP Machines

Optical Lab Equipment

915 Central Slurry System

915915 – 23 gallons

913 Central Slurry System

913913 – 11 gallons

911 Central Slurry System


911 – 5 Gallons