PSI is happy to announce the new Transformer lens fining pad for processing plastic lens materials. This fining pad is unique because it transforms as it fines, just like the lens.  It starts out coarse and as it fines the lens it becomes smoother and more transparent. Likewise, the lens is transformed to have an ultra smooth finish.

The innovative composition of this one-step lens fining pad allows it to breakdown during processing by fining the lens at different intensities, starting rough for heavy stock removal.  During processing, the fining pad smoothes down leaving a high quality lens surface. The Transformer pad achieves consistent lens stock-removal on all plastic, polycarbonate and trivex lens materials. Its cloth backing helps the pad to conform to the lap tool. The backing also allows the pad to remove easily from the lap after processing.  The Transformer lens fining pad is available for the Easy Lift Base Pad System in a 7-petal and 16-petal version.  A compensated 7-petal pad for bare tools is also available.

For optimum results, PSI recommends using the Transformer lens fining pad with their Yellow Ultimate lens polish pad and Free-Form AR Lens Polish.   For more information, download our literature sheet, call PSI at 800-237-8154 or purchase it here on our website.

Transformer One-Step Fining Pad for Glass