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red_surelockIf you are having trouble with lens slippage while edging, try Sure Lock Hydrophobic Gripping pads under our new PSI Red Blocking Pad.  The two work together to create a strong bond between the lens and the block to reduce torquing. Shop
shoppingPSI now has on-line shopping. Choose the “Shop” button from the menu or select any of the product categories on the right of the page to begin shopping.  Here is additional instructions for shopping.
clear-choice-diamondsPSI is now the exclusive distributor for Diateq Lab’s quality line of diamonds, milling cutters and edging tools.  Learn more about these high quality tools that are cost effective and provide excellent surface quality. More…
digital-suppliesLook To PSI for your digital surfacing supplies. PSI’s Digi-Laps, Free-Form AR polish and ancillary equipment for recycling and chilling.

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Additional information on surfacing and finishing lenses.

  • Recycling Water in the Lab, Saves The Environment & Money!

    Going Green To me these terms are associated with future generations and how they will benefit from what we are doing today. We are all feeling the pressures to make an investment towards saving the environment. In the case of recycling and filtering water in the optical lab, Going Green will not only benefits the […]

  • Advantages of Temperature Control

    Temperature control is one of the key ingredients to good surface quality on lenses. A chiller acts as a refrigerator or air conditioner for coolant, polish and fining water. Using a chiller allows you to control the temperature of these fluids to make sure they are working at their best. Below are applications where our […]

  • Tips for Easy Lift Base Pad System

    The Easy Lift 2 color-coded base pad system eliminates the strain of pad peeling and reduces repetitive motion injuries for lab person- nel. The system is made of three components, the semi-permanent color-coded base pad and easy lifting fining and polishing pads. The colored material simplifies lap identification making it easier to retrieve and restore […]

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