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If you are having trouble with lens slippage while edging, try Sure Lock Hydrophobic Gripping pads under our new PSI Red Blocking Pad.  The two work together to create a strong bond between the lens and the block to reduce torquing.  Shop

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Vision Expo East show Specials

Don’t forget to place your order for finishing equipment and lab supplies by this Saturday, April 30 to get our Show Special Pricing.  We want to thank everyone who stopped by PSI’s booth at Vision Expo East. As always we appreciate you Looking To PSI for your lab equipment and supply needs. Please
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NEW Universal Generator Bags

Universal coolant bag hooked to generatorPSI’s new Universal Generator Bags are designed to collect swarf from lens generators and edgers. These bags eliminate the need to frequently scoop swarf from coolant tanks. They have a zippered, vinyl top and handles on the bottom for easy disposal of lens swarf. It comes in two sizes, short and tall to fit any tank.


Dual Power Calibration Microscope

Dual Power Calibration MicroscopePSI’s new Dual Power Calibration Microscope helps in verifying alignment of etching lines in the calibration process of digital lens generators. High resolution with dual magnification capabilities, its an economical way to eliminate the variables of manually holding a loop and blocked lens by providing a stable and well lit and magnified surface to view lens etchings.


clear-choice-diamondsPSI is now the exclusive distributor for Diateq Lab’s quality line of diamonds, milling cutters and edging tools.  Learn more about these high quality tools that are cost effective and provide excellent surface quality. More…

The Slurry System of Choice for Digital Lens Processing.

Central Slurry System for digital lens processing.PSI’s 915, 23-gallon capacity slurry system is designed to consolidate slurry for digital processing. It reduces the number of chillers and slurry tanks needed by half. Designed with two pumps and a two-filter system, it handles high volumes of polish.  Jeff Rich, Technical Support/New Products Manager, explains the features and benefits of this slurry system for digital processing.  More

Tech Notes & Information

Additional information on surfacing and finishing lenses.

  • ASTA Monthly Maintenance – Vacuum Filters

    As the Equipment and Technical Specialist for PSI, it has come to my attention that many owners of  Automatic Surface Tape Applicator (ASTA) with carbide cutters or an ASTA Handling System with carbide cutters are not changing their inline vacuum filters as often as they should. This results in down time and expensive repairs. Over the […]

  • Lens Cleaner – Still Working As A Marketing Tool

    Over 40 years and still working! Today there are all kinds of electronic apps, emails and web reminders to send to customers to get them to return to your shop for a re-check or a new set of frames. Sometimes the simplest, old fashion thing can be just as effective, like private label lens cleaner. History of […]

  • Slurry System for Digital Lens Processing

    Since 1971, PSI has been manufacturing Practical Systems for optical laboratories. A couple years ago, to meet the growing demand for digital processing, PSI expanded its line of slurry systems to include the new 915 Central Slurry System. This 23-gallon capacity slurry system consolidates slurry for up to 4 digital polishers while providing the proper […]

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  • Dual Power Calibration Microscope

    Dual Power Calibration Microscope

    Dual Power Calibration Microscope for verifying alignment of etching lines in the calibration process of digital lens generators. High resolution with dual magnification (20/40) capabilities.

    Part #: MS-20/40

    $325.00 Add to cart
  • Universal Coolant bag for collecting lens edger and generator scarf

    Universal Swarf Bag

    Universal reusable bag for collecting swarf from lens generators and edgers.

    Must be used in conjunction with coolant tank bag, RB-SPRINT

    Available in short version (18″h x 25″w – RB-GB1) or tall version (25″h x 18″w – RB-GB2)

    $148.77 Select options
  • sure-lock

    Sure-Lock Hydrophobic Gripping Discs

    Designed for super-hydrophobic coatings to reduce slippage, Sure-Lock Hydrophobic Gripping Discs hold the blocking pad to the lens to provide a strong bond with the lens so the block won’t torque or twist while edging.

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